Jerod Wesxtten

I’m 35 and have been a left below knee amputee since April 2nd, 2013.  In 2006 I had a crushing injury to my foot and suffered from permanent nerve damage which left me unable to run and walk normally.  I was in constant pain and noticed that my quality of life was going downhill fast.  Growing up racing motocross and riding bmx bikes kept me in great shape so when I couldn’t do those things any longer I knew that something needed to change.    I chose amputation to get my life back, and can now say I am pain free!


Three days after putting my very first prosthesis on I was able to ride my motorcycle.  What turned out to be just a quick ride around the block to see if I could actually do it ended up being a three hour non-stop ride banging through the gears like it was just second nature.   After realizing what I could do with my prosthetic leg I made the decision to try other sports out.  Growing up I watched my mother compete in biathlons and triathlons and always had an interest in that type of competition.  My Grandfather was the All Marine Corps track champion so I knew that running was in my blood.  Unfortunately my school had no track team and just never got into running, until now.

I knew that if I were to get back into racing dirt bikes again my cardio needed to improve, so I found Amputee Blade Runners online and asked for their help.  Running on my current leg was too painful for anything longer than a mile and I had no way of getting a running blade.  Meeting Ryan and his colleagues changed all of that.  Now I am able to run in 5K’s and recently signed up for Muckfest, a mud obstacle course 5K, something I never thought I could do until now.  Not only am I enjoying running again, I’m also getting back into shape and eating healthier.  This was all due to ABR and my running leg.

Currently, I am changing courses in my life and left a career in finance and marketing to a career in prosthetics.  I have been doing voluntary work in the field for the past 9 months and will be going to spend a month in Bolivia helping out a prosthetic clinic build legs for people who can’t afford them.   Whether I chose to become a certified prosthetist or go into prosthetic sales I plan to devote as much time as I can to helping other amputees get their own lives back.  Thank you team ABR for helping me get back into my sport, and also realizing my new passion in helping other amputees do the same!