Julia Hurst

From Ohio, Julia, was such a pleasure to work with while in town. She sent in this note after her time with us…

“What I am most excited to do with my leg is to run. What I also plan to do with my running leg is sports, running, track, and cross country.A running leg will impact my life by letting me run and letting me do stuff better than I used to. I plan to do lots of stuff with my running leg all the stuff I said before and I can race a bunch of people, family, friends, and I can probably join other races .Things will be better for me with a running leg because I will be able to do a lot more running activities than I use to.

A message I would like to give to the ABR is thank you for everything I mean I can run like the wind now and I can do a lot more running activities you don’t know how thankful I am have this leg. Also I thank you for how hard you worked you lined up my hips you brought me all the way to Tennessee and it was so worth it. Know I can run better I can do a lot more sports I can do track and cross country I and do races and run with my friends and family.

So I thank you for trying your best to make everything just right for me.”