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ABR has two primary locations – Nashville, TN and Savannah, GA.

ABR was founded by prosthetists and a fabrication technician who wanted to serve in a way they could make the biggest impact, which includes the design and fabrication of the prosthetic socket. Those who are primarily looking for just a running blade and/or knee may be better served by other organizations. Challenged Athlete Foundation, Wiggle Your Toes, Move for Jenn, Team Catapult may all be good options depending on the situation.

It typically takes 5-7 days to make an ABR leg from start to finish. This process typically starts with measurements and casting and ends with a final lamination of the socket.

ABR works with athletes of all ages. If you are active and have pushed your current prosthetic leg to the limits, we look forward to receiving your application.

We typically do not make running legs until the applicant has been using and wearing a prosthesis for at least 12 months. There is a lot that we can do to help you prepare your body for a running leg before we make you one. You are welcome to apply before you reach the one year mark.

We have a rolling grant application window. When you are ready to start reimagining possibilities, please submit your application!

It typically takes 90 days from the time we receive your application to final determination. The process includes multiple conversations with members of the ABR team.

ABR legs are made with care and precision. While individual results may vary, ABR sockets for children can last 1-2 years and even longer for adults.

ABR works with 120-150 athletes per year, including approximately 30 new athletes every year.

Running/sports legs typically cost $10,000-20,000. ABR does not currently bill for services. We are primarily a volunteer-run organization and thanks in part to that and favorable pricing from manufacturers and vendors, ABR is able to keep costs to approximately $3,500 per new athlete served, and $2,000 for new and existing athletes combined.

Yes, ABR legs are great, but they are not silver bullets. Success comes only when a great prosthetic leg is fitted to someone who has prepared physically for a running blade.

No. If you have a young child who needs a better leg to keep up with friends on the playground and with family at home, we can help before they are ready to run several 5Ks.

ABR has helped athletes compete in an array of sports, not just straight line running. Our athletes compete in baseball, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, snowboarding, gymnastics, and much more.

A lot! It is important to prepare your limb for high activity. No two residual limbs are the same, and different types of amputations can play a big role. Please refer to our educational section for more information about exercises for you and your leg.

Making a great leg in a short period of time may seem like magic, but our results are really because of hard work and hard lessons learned over a long period of time.

Does insurance cover the cost of a running leg? Most insurance companies have deemed running legs to be a luxury item and will not pay for these items.