ABR Story

Owen McNear

 Despite everyone’s best efforts, Owen lost his left lower leg.  He had a wonderful team of therapists who had him in a prosthesis starting when he could crawl.  Having a prosthesis has never slowed Owen down.  He did everything other children of his age did.  He has never sought any special treatment due to his prosthesis.  He has impressed and inspired many with his outlook.  Despite his positive attitude and can do spirit, he often had difficulty keeping up with the other kids at school and in sports.  Owen would be dribbling down the court and have his leg come off.

Owen met Daryl Farler and Trey Barclay at the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon expo.  Owen spotted Daryl with his two running prostheses and just had to show Daryl that he was an amputee, too.  Owen introduced himself to Daryl and lifted up his pant leg to show off his prosthesis.  They traded some stories, took a picture, and Owen got Daryl and Andrews’s trading cards.  Owen was more than interested in a better leg for running and submitted an application.   He was so very happy when he found out he was accepted into the program.  It’s been so uplifting as a parent to see this gift to help your child reach their full potential.  It’s crazy how things sometime work.  It may have been fated that Owen was at the right place at the right time.  He hopes he can pass this luck on to others.