Riley Adams

I was born 3 months early with Amnionic Band Syndrome. As a result, I was born without my left leg. I started walking around the age of one and got my first prosthesis¬† from Shriner’s hospital.

A few years later I started seeing a prosthetist in my area and continued going there until I was 16. They only provided me with one type of leg – one for walking. It was great when I was only walking, but it wasn’t ideal for running or sports, though this never stopped me. I remember running around the yard with my cousins as a kid, even though I was slow I still ran after them. I took PE in school and did everything that all of the other kids did. I started playing sports in eighth grade; since then I’ve participated in cheerleading, volleyball, & dance. I was having problems with my previous leg because when I would run, it would fall off very easily. I talked to Alex Koslow, a very inspirational friend I met through my previous prosthetist, who led me to ABR. After my first visit, I walked out with a running blade! I was so excited to actually start running and get better at sports. Aaron and everyone else at ABR have helped and continue to help me improve my gait, running ability, build my muscles and help me learn more about my prosthesis and how it works. They have helped me meet other people with situations similar to mine, and have provided me with so many new opportunities already that I would have never thought were possible. I can’t wait to see what they will introduce me to in the future. Even thought receiving a new prosthesis and learning how to use it can be scary and stressful at times, it’s definitely worth it!!