ABR Story

Samuel Tyler


My name is Samuel Tyler. I was born in Vietnam on May 14, 2004. I was born without hands or feet. I was adopted by my family in June of 2008 and received my first prosthetic legs in November of 2008. While I was very grateful for my legs, I played flag football and ran around with other kids, but I was not able to participate without experiencing pain.

Then a friend told my parents about Nubability Sports Camp. When my mom was enrolling me for camp, she heard about Amputee Blade Runners. Because of my desire to participate in sports, we applied to ABR and I was accepted. I received my sports legs in June of 2015. What a difference my sports blade legs have made!

I am so thankful to the Amputee Blade Runner team. They spent many hours and late nights making sure both of my sports legs fit correctly and comfortably. They are always available for any questions. I have also met many new friends with physical challenges. When you receive legs from Amputee Blade Runners, you become part of the ABR family.

I am now able to comfortably tolerate my legs for 12+ hours a day. I have participated in five 5K’s, I have taken on basketball, and I played indoor Upward Soccer for the first time this year. It was a great season and, thanks to my sports legs, I was a valuable member of the team. In July I will be attending Nubability Sports Camp for the third year where I will participate in a variety of sports. During the school year, I can now run with my wrestling team during warm ups without pain. In addition, I can play basketball, sprout ball, soccer, football, and nerf gun wars in my backyard with my friends. I am better able to keep up with my friends thanks to my sports legs from Amputee Blade Runners. Keeping up with my friends is one of the greatest benefits of having sports legs. I am a valuable team member.

My motto is, “I can do all things through Christ” Philippians 4:13. I encourage others to never quit. I want to see my challenges as opportunities to grow stronger.