ABR Story

2014: A Look Back

2014 was a great year for Amputee Blade Runners, so here’s a look back at  how much the we were able to accomplish last year, with the help of so many!

15 new athletes received running blades

21 ABR alumni received additional assistance

60 New custom Sockets made for ABR team members

45 ABR runners and family members ran in the Franklin Classic 5k/10k

$5,678 raised in our 3 Legs for 3 Legs Campaign, which was our 1st online fundraiser

27 states (& the country of Mongolia) are home to ABR runners

8 ABR athletes attended the Endeavor Games

20 medals were awarded to our athletes at the Endeavor Games

98 attended our 1st annual ABR Summer Picnic at the Nashville Zoo

$6k was raised during the 7th Annual Ryan Fann Golf Tournament

10 board members met monthly to plan events and set goals for ABR

900+ volunteer hours making blades, planning events, hosting runners

$0 costs to our ABR athletes