ABR Story

ABR Collaborates with Antonio v. Glassberg Educational Foundation to Help Limb-Loss Students


Amputee Blade Runners (ABR) is a special organization committed to making a difference. By providing active amputees with life changing technology and lifelong friendships, ABR is able to bring freedom back to those who might not have been able to be active otherwise. But we don’t do it alone. Occasionally we have the good fortune to find individuals and organizations with a shared mission to pay-it-forward and serve the same community that ABR serves.

The team at ABR recently learned about the Antonio V. Glassberg Educational Foundation when Antonio’s Foundation referred Ryan Wolak, one if its scholarship recipients, to ABR. Ryan then applied to ABR and was soon the recipient of a free blade running leg enabling him to be active beyond his best expectations.

While Ryan was in Nashville, he told ABR more about Antonio’s Foundation and the scholarships it provides for physically challenged K-12 students to attend private school. But the story didn’t end there. In 2015 ABR had provided a young high school student from Louisiana named Alex Klein with a blade running leg. Since connecting with ABR, Alex’s confidence and talent blossomed to the point where he recently learned he has been invited to compete in Switzerland as part of the IPC Junior World Championships in August 2017. When ABR learned about Antonio’s Foundation they referred Alex to Antonio’s Foundation. Alex applied for a tuition grant and Antonio’s Foundation awarded him a scholarship to support his tuition at Jesuit High School in New Orleans.

Antonio V. Glassberg created and provided initial funding for his foundation shortly before he died of cancer in 2001 when he was 23 years old. Antonio saw the potential in bright young students and was compelled to leave a legacy of action to help them capitalize on their abilities despite their physical and financial limitations. Today Antonio’s Foundation continues to carry on his legacy by providing tuition scholarship grants for physically challenged students to attend K-12 private schools throughout the USA. To learn more about how Antonio’s Foundation serves a similar community as does ABR, please check out their website at www.antonioglassbergfoundation.org or contact their leadership at antoniosfoundation@gmail.com.