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Apply for a child’s Amputee Running Leg, and find the resources you need to ensure your application is complete.

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We believe every child is an athlete who has the right to perform at the very best of their ability, in any way that they choose. But of course, there are significant barriers to owning a high-tech limb, especially when it’s not covered by insurance. That’s why we exist.

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What to Expect When Applying for an Amputee Running Leg with ABR

Complete all parts of the application, along with all requirement and email to:

  • At this time, ABR only accepts applications for individuals in the United States.
  • We ask that applicants be at least one year post fitting from their 1st prosthesis before they apply.
  • For Adults, each applicant must complete (we didn’t say run!) three 5K’s and send in the results as well as a photo from each race.
  • For children, we ask that each applicant complete at least one 1-mile fun run.

The ABR team will review applications and the associated items submitted to ensure we have all necessary materials.

If all items are sent in properly, the applicant will go through at least two virtual interviews within one month.

The ABR Board will then vote on applicants once they have completed the interviews and provided any additional requirements.

If approved, the applicant will have a virtual meeting with one of our prosthetists to gather more medical information.

  • If a new socket is being discussed, this will include getting residual limb measurements, plus other info.
  • This may include residual limb preparation, or general fitness/exercise requests from our team.

Each approved applicant is required to travel to either Nashville, TN or Savannah, GA in order to complete the fitting process. Time duration of your time in Nashville, or Savannah is generally 6-7 days.

  • Please note: ABR does not provide travel assistance at this time.
  • ABR will choose the location of services based on the applicant’s needs.
Amputee Blade Runners

Questions? We have answers.

We are so glad you’re here, and we hope you find all of the information you need to successfully submit your application for a child’s running leg. However, if you have any questions about this process or your eligibility, don’t hesitate to contact us for further support.

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