ABR Story

Eli Ottenwess


Eli was born Fibular Hemimelia of the right leg, and had a Symes amputation of his right foot when he was 7 months old. Eli received his first prosthetic leg when he was 11 months old. Until we met Aaron Fitzsimmons and came in contact with ABR, the prosthetic legs that Eli had were unable to match his desire to be active. He wanted to jump and run, and was unable to in the legs that he had. Eli could not run properly in his previous prosthesis, because his previous prosthesis did not have the feedback/spring needed to propel himself forward as in running Furthermore, it was common that he had issues with fit and would have red marks and discomfort that would limit is activity as well.

Eli is learning to use the running blade and so far has enjoyed running short distances and jumping. We are still working with Aaron to get the fit perfected, and once we do I see Eli being even more active with the leg.

As parents, we wanted to give Eli the best prosthetic leg that was available to him and give him all the tools he needed to live the best live, happiest life he possibly could. We believe that the running/sport prosthetics provided by ABR is the best leg we could receive for our son, and an answer to our prayers.

Aaron Fitzsimmons, and all the staff associated with ABR have gone above and beyond to create a stellar leg for Eli. Within two months of contacting Aaron, he flew into Michigan and made my son a leg in two days. The level of professionalism, kindness and customer service have blown us away. Most importantly though, the skill of Mr. Fitzsimmons and the education he provided to my husband and myself have truly impressed us. We feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to connect with Aaron and the ABR team.