ABR Story

James Rutherford

Age: 52

Amputation Date: 12/6/2012

Married to Jennifer; 3 daughters 32, 30 and 6 years old; 3 grand children

My amputation was elective, I had 27 previous surgeries and had enough. I searched and found the right doctor. This to date is by far the best decision I have ever made, My pain levels were extreme.

On 1/25/13 I received my 1st prosthetic, I went through the usual adjustment period. As I started adjusting to life as an amputee I decided to attempt walking a 5K which turned into a 10K on 3/2014. It felt right so I started getting these big ideas of what next. On 5/9/15 I attempted and completed my first Sprint distance triathlon, It took me 3:09.00 to finish but I finished.

As I kept trying different races I always had to walk, I could run short distance but with a standard walking prosthetic it was too heavy and after a short distance was like an anchor.

I learned about ABR through a local support group and immediately contacted Trey and started the process. After I completed the required races and submitted everything in April of 2016 I received an invitation to the Run with Ryan clinic in Nashville. On that day in May after the clinic Me and three others were told that we have been granted the running blade. It is very hard to keep emotions under control in front of a group of strangers but I had the drive back to Cincinnati work that out.

On July 3rd 2016 I pulled in to Savannah to work with Ryan, by July 5th I was attempting to run with the blade mounted on a temporary socket. I left Savannah with several things. An improved walking set up, Fillaure blaze running blade, knowledge on adjustments and other things that I can take care of myself without having to run to the clinic. and most important spending time with Ryan who I will always consider a friend (and side kick khloe).

Health insurance will not consider a running prosthetic, so financially a great deal of people miss out on that gift. Not sure what genius came up with that because to me if you invest in this the long term health cost will go down because the person will become more active and be healthier. Case in point is me, I was 250 at one point, after receiving the blade I am at 215 running 5 to 7 miles a week and on 5/20/17 I will attempt my 5th Tri (Sprint) and I am expecting a PR.