ABR Story

Laura Mullen


Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Favorite Running event: Fenton Payne and Fred 5k?

Best Moment: Completing the Fenton Payne and Fred 5k,… First time running a 5k and first time (truly running on that foot.   AMAZING!

Laura Mullen is a left symes amputee and has been part of the Amputee Blade Runners since August 2011. Thanks to Amputee Blade Runners providing Laura a running leg she has been able to complete a total of three 5K’s and has been training for her first 1/2 marathon.  Her short term running goals are to complete the 1/2 marathon in a decent time and to run a 5K in under 30 minutes. Long term goals for Laura are to win some 5K’s and work to being part of the 2016 Paralypmic games.