ABR Story

Noah Elliot


I would like to update you on the newest blessings & opportunities occurring since I connected with you all at ABR last year. With this being my first season on a snowboard, when I look around I see nothing but awesome support from family and friends!

This past season taught me much about snowboarding and I learned a lot about myself, and my future goals. In March 2017, I competed in my first Paralympic National event, boarder cross. Because I wasn’t internationally classified, I had to race against BKs and I still finished 4th out of 14. I was the only above-knee amputee in the race!

I later learned From Graham Watanabe, the team USA head coach, that in my correct classification I would have finished 2nd; about a half second behind 1st. The top racer in the sport is Mike Schultz who made the moto-knee I snowboard with. After learning that I was that close to beating him I gained a lot of confidence and started talking of bigger possibilities.

As of now I have been added to USADA with Team USA looking into all requirements needed to fast track me to the 2018 Paralympics. I have received great support from many fellow racers and X-Games medalists as they see my potential in world of Para-Snowboarding.

This summer I am working at the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah where I am able to help others with abilities get active along with cross train daily. Next season the US team is going to pick me up and help further develop my riding skills!

Up to this point is has been hard work and dedication but I couldn’t have done it without the help from Amputee Blade Runners and my family. I would like to go running in ABR event after the Paralympics next season with plans to hopefully inspire and make a life changing impact on others.

My long-term vision is in giving back the love and support I have received and are still receiving. I will continue to update you as the results begin to show! Thanks again Aaron for everything! Its an honor to have you as a mentor and family member!