ABR Story

Sabrina Reiswig


I’ve been an amputee since 1988 and I’ve literally worn a wooden leg. Prosthetics have come along way since then, but insurance will only allow so much. Although I’ve worn standard prosthetics a majority of my life, I still partook in many school and travel sports. It wasn’t until I received my leg from ABR in 2015 that I truly excelled in any sport. I’d been an amputee for 28 years before receiving anything outside a walking leg. I came to Aaron in need of a leg that could hold up to my Crossfit lifestyle. I needed a knee that would withstand the extra weight I was lifting and still feel comfortable to run in. Although my running blade (Blaze) is ideal for longer distances, my walking leg needed to be multifunctional.

I’m a mother of two girls who are as active as they get. I had to be able to keep up with them and strength sports are helping me do this. After I started Crossfit, I started cycling again for cardio and that turned into running. Soon I got asked to compete in Strongman events.

Right now I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m currently considered the strongest standing disable woman in America. Amputee Blade Runners is a wonderful organization that truly helps those who need it. I’m so blessed to have worked with Aaron. I’ve broken five knees and every time I did, Aaron worked hard to find a better one. I’ll continue to work hard and help those who are younger than me so they may have adaptive athlete paths already in place for strength sports. Without the proper equipment, I wouldn’t be able to excel in these sports.