Sidney Smith

My name is Sidney Smith and I would consider myself being active all my life. I’m a fairly new double amputee with only a couple of years under my belt. As soon as I got my first prosthetics legs all I wanted to do is run. I was given walking prosthetics first because my insurance wouldn’t cover running ones. I still did the best I could with the walking prosthetics such as hiking, basketball, and running. Running was a huge struggle; there wasn’t the shock absorption, the weight of the leg, the energy return, and speed that a running prosthesis provided. Running with walking legs would hurt to the point I would cringe on every step. I didn’t enjoy running at this point and felt that there wasn’t much hope for me to run.

My dream is to be to be a triathlete and compete in the ultimate Ironman race. I never thought I could even come close to that dream until I looked on facebook one day and saw that there was another double amputee that was running with running prosthetics and I asked him where he got them. That’s where he directed me to Amputee Blade Runners. I was very moved with their charity program and was inspired to see so many amputees running and fulfilling their dreams. I decided that I should apply as soon as possible.

After being an amputee for over a year I finally was fitted and received my running prosthesis from ABR. The process of getting my legs was simply amazing! Not only did I get the fastest legs in the west I got so much knowledge from ABR founders and team. I learned more in the week there than I got from the year and a half from my doctors back home. Truly a life changing experience!

Now that I’ve been home with my prosthetic legs I finally love to run. When I was a child I got a Super Nintendo for Christmas. I loved playing that thing. When I went to bed I would get so excited knowing that when I would wake I could play my Super Nintendo! Now as grown adult with 3 children I feel the same way about my legs, I can’t wait to wake up and run with my legs.

Running is now not painful and I can go further and faster than with my walking prosthetics. Life has gotten better with my running legs from ABR. I am healthier physically and emotionally with them. With me running and training for my Ironman I’ve been able to inspire many people with and without disabilities. I can especially inspire my wife and kids and show that no matter our challenges that you have, you can do hard things. I love my legs. Thank you, Amputee Blade Runners!